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Just email  fiber optic patch cable Features of fiber patch cable 1. Low insertion loss and High Return Loss 2. Fully compliant with standards of IEC and YD-T826/1996 3. Temperature stability: Operating temperature: -20 to +75°C 4. High durability, more than 500 times mating. 5. Individual package with detail information label. 6. All patch cords are 100% tested Download data sheet for fiber patch cords Ordering information: Connector 1: LC, FC, SC, ST, MTRJ, DIN, D4, E2000, MPO Connector 2: LC, FC, SC, ST, MTRJ, DIN, D4, E2000, MPO Ferrule Interface type: UPC, APC Fiber cores: Simplex, duplex Fiber type; Singlemode(G. 652, G655), multimode(50/125)/(62.5/125),OM3 Fiber diameter(mm): Φ 0.9,  Φ 2.0, Φ 3.0 Fiber length:Customize length   Fiber optic patch cable applications 1. Optical Fiber Communication Systems 2. Optical Access Network 3. Fiber optic data transmission 4. Optical Fiber CATV 5. Local Area Network (LAN) 6. Test Equipment Fiber optic patch cable types: A fiber patch cords is made of 2 major parts: Optical connector and fiber optic cable. 1)By Optical connector: LC fiber optic patch cable FC fiber optic patch cable SC fiber optic patch cable ST fiber optic patch cable MU fiber optic patch cable MTRJ fiber optic patch cords E2000 fiber optic patch cables MPO fiber optic patch cords ESCON fiber optic patch cords 2)By fiber optic cable types Single mode fiber optic cable: Generally in yellow color and used for long transmission distance Multimode fiber optic cable: Generally the multimode patch cable are orange or gray and are used for short distance  transmission. 3)By fiber optic cable Jacket PVC: Non-Flame Retardant LSZH : Low smoke zero halogen, Flame Retardant Advantages of our partners: 1. We offer competitive price for fiber optic patch cables,Fiber splitters etc. 2. Strict QC system and high quality products. 3. Low courier international shipping cost. 4. Custom fiber patch cable for special applications 5. Fast delivery for bulk fiber optic cable Availabity of fiber optic patch cable We have SC,ST,FC,LC,MU,MTJ fiber patch cables.All the fiber optic patch cords can be customized with different fiber cable, single mode and multimode,simplex and duplex,.